0546 Soo Hoo Shao Chi (Jack)

0546 Soo Hoo Shao Chi (Jack)
Member Name: 0546 Soo Hoo Shao Chi (Jack)
Membership Type:
Position: Managing Partner
Business Name: K.Yip Associates Sdn Bhd
Short Business Description: communication provider that forms collaboration between customers and linguists
Business Website Address: http://kyip.com
Business Website Address: wa.me/60166067952
Facebook Page: m.me/xm2hi
Business Phone Number: 60166067952
Long Business Description:

We are a business communication provider that collaboration between customers and linguists which drive customer business transformation. We manage projects, and often doing plenty of things beyond projects: building the marketing funnels, assemble the team, negotiating best rates, collections and payments, and so on. We provide solutions to these tasks to make business process easier, so that our customers can do what they love most and know best, while we takes over all the non-essentials and provide solutions to automate chores. There are some things you can’t automate; for everything else, there is us right here to help you. Managing teams, calculating work costs, automating payments and paperwork — these app features have been around in for quite a while. But previously they were scattered around over many platforms and not available to all businesses. That is why, about a year ago, we started venturing into substantial remodeling of our business to bring all of these processes into one framework. Come talk to us, and you can see what we can benefit you and collaborate.