2015 Events & Activities

“Internet 2.0, the Disruptive Internet Technology”
by Mr. Lee Chooi Tian

Synopsis of Talk

  • Disruptive Technology impacting our life, including the Internet.
  • Introduce a new disruptive technology and reason for its need.
  • Possibility of Internet 2.0
  • Profile of Mr. Alex Lee CT

Speaker Profile
Lee Chooi Tian has been a passionate Inventor and problem solver throughout his life.  He has invented and successfully filed patents for several of his inventions.

alexleeinventionsMost recently, Lee has filed a patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for his Secure and Multimode Internet Technology that was registered by WIPO as Patent Application No: WO2013/015673 A1, entitled “Apparatus and Method for Multimode Internetworking Connectivity.  The Inventor has also filed national phase patent application in 69 countries, after getting a favourable PCT search report and examination.

The Invention was granted a patent by European Patent Office under European Number EP2636188.  The same inventions also received patents from Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and South Korea.   This invention creates an unprecedented and lucrative business investment opportunity in the field of electronic communication and networking technology.

“Physical Health for Wellness”
by Mr. Samuel Ariokiaraj, A.M.N.

Synopsis of Talk

1) Definition

  • Health – Wellness Model /Risk Factors (Modifiable / Unmodifiable)
  • Physical Fitness
  • Exercise

2) Components of Physical Fitness –

  • Health Related
  • Skill related (Performance Related)

3) Healthy Lifestyle Practices –

  • Physical Activities / Exercise
  • Balance Diet / Calorie Requirements
  • Manage Stress / Coping Strategies
  • Sleep
  • Eliminate – Bad Habits – Smoking, Alcohol, Overindulgence

Speaker Profile

  • MSc. In Healthcare Management University of Wales, U.K.
  • Registered Medical Assistant (1977)
  • Post graduate training in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Nursing, U.K
  • Lecturer and Trainer in Physical Fitness (Health, Fitness and Wellness Programs)
  • Former Chief Hospital Supervisor, Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Samuel has been involved in Physical Fitness and Mental Health (Management of Stress) for over 25 years and has conducted over 600 seminars, workshops, and training programs for both public and private sectors.

Mr. Samuel has worked in General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur in various clinical departments and in various positions from 1976 till 2007 (31 years). He is very knowledgeable with vast experiences in the management of healthcare organization including management of para medical and auxiliary staff as well as in the planning and training of staff both in clinical knowledge and skills. He is also knowledgeable in general aspects of patient-centered and client-focused activities in the delivery of healthcare services.

“Impact of GST on Property Owners & Investors “
by Andrian Yeo

Synopsis of Talk

  • GST impacts on M’sia & M’sians
  • Taxable & Exempt supplies
  • Business Test on Property Transactions
  • Joint Venture Arrangement
  • Taxable Person
  • Selling price
  • Cash flow & Purchasing Power
  • Purchase Strategy
  • Tax Audit & Investigation
  • Investment Case Studies
  • Conclusion

Spearker Profile

Working Career

  • Salesman in Kuching for 2 years
  • Auditor in audit firm, London, UK for 7 years
  • Audit Team Leader in KPMG, KL for 2 years

Professional Practices

  • 20 years in KL & PJ supported by 90 staff
  • serving 2,000 accounts include SME, listed companies & individuals

Professional Associations & Alumni

  • Council Member of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (2005 – 2013)
  • Chairman for ACCA Malaysia, Public Practice Committee (2007-2009)
  • President of TAR University College Business School Alumni

GST Speaking engagements

Spoken 80+ sessions, total 60+ days in GST at KL, PJ, Kuching, Bintulu, Miri, KK, JB, Ipoh, Melaka, Seremban

“How Important is Water to Us and Are Water the Same “
by Michael Yeoh and Louis Looi

Synopsis of Talk
Water is important to us because our body contains 75% of Water and our Blood contains 90% of Water.  No one can live without Water!

The speakers will do a demo and show us how to differentiate the various types of water, which is alkaline and which is acidic?  Basically water looks the same, but after seeing the demo, you will see that all water are actually not the same.  From the demo, we will learn how to differentiate water and choose the water appropriate to our health conditions and requirements.  Being in the Kangen Water business for years, they will further share with us the three special properties in Kangen water and the different usage of the 5 types of water produced by the Kangen Machine.

Kangen Machines are manufactured by Enagic Japan, as a medical device in Japan, and is used in hospitals in Japan.  Enagic Japan is a 41 year old company.  The flagship model of Levelum SD501 is the flagship model certified under ISO 13485 as a medical device.

Speakers Profile
Michael Yeoh was a former BNC member. After graduating from vocational studies, he worked for 18 years and his last posting was the sales manager of a public company, after which he ventured into partnership involving in the oil & gas industry.

He was introduced to the Health & Wealth industry two and half years ago and became a distributor of Enagic Malaysia.  He believes this will change his life forever, to be healthy and wealthy.

Louis Looi ran his own Business, a partnership with few Japanese businessmen, trading in Japanese Products for more than 30 years. He joined Enagic Malaysia 4 years ago and currently serving as, a”6A4-2″, which is of a senior distributor position.

“Iskandar Malaysia, South Johor’s New Economic Hub “
by Herbert Leong

Synopsis of Talk

Development and updates of projects in Iskandar Region in general, and Knight Frank’s projects in particular, and why Iskandar is a preferred location for property investment.

Speaker Profile

Associate Director, Knight Frank Malaysia Sdn Bhd

“Refocus and Reinvent Your Oral Care Approach Towards a Longer Healthier Life “
by Dr. Ng Kah Wee

Synopsis of Talk
Dentistry is not just about cleaning and restoring or catering to aesthetically white and shinier teeth anymore. It is about disease prevention! As the mouth is the gateway to the body and can become the source of diseases affecting other parts of the body; oral health and general health cannot be dissociated as they have been in the past and the prevention of gum disease, which is mankind’s most prevalent disease, is essential to overall health, social health and financial health.

Speaker Profile

  • 1974-1977: Bachelor of Dental Surgery (University of    Malaya)
  • 1977-1980: Dentist at Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense
  • 1982-1996: Private Practitioner
  • Current: Founder of Oradex and Oradex Healthcare Charitable Trust, Director at Cavico (M) Sdn Bhd

by Encik Kamarul Ariffin

Synopsis of Talk

Learn about internet security threats and how to guard against them, focuses the following areas.

  • Introduction to Basic Security
  • Internet & Us
  • Common Security Threats
  • Username & Password
  • Social Media – Good or Bad
  • Best Practises to Keep Ourselves Safe

Speaker Profile

Encik Kamurul Ariffin is a veteran in the IT industry, now a Senior Trainer specialises in Internet and Networking.  He is a computer science graduate who has earned the following certifications throughout his career:-

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Server 2008
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
  • Microsoft Project 2007 /2010
  • EC-Council Certified Security Specialist (ECSS)
  • EC-Council Certified Network Administrator (ENSA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Server+

ON WED 18TH MARCH 2015 FROM 6.30PM TO 9.30PM


The objective of the evening is to give BNC members, friends and guests an opportunity to enjoy an uninterrupted networking session whereby participants can display, promote, sell, purchase, sponsor, recruit, auction or give away anything under the sun as long as they are lawful products.

To help you set the mood for networking, there will be good food, a business ambience and excited people all around you wanting to know what you have to offer. There will be no speeches except a brief introduction of BNC and the whole evening is yours to enjoy.

So do bring lots of business cards and let’s meet on evening of 18th March, 2015 and have a good time.

“FENG SHUI 2015 – The Year of the GOAT”
by Master Ooi Wai Long

Synopsis of Talk

Is 2015 a good year or bad year? Why some people are making  money and you are not? Are they just lucky?

Find out on how to maximise the potential of 2015 to your advantage  and properous through the year

Speaker Profile

Master Ooi is one of only a very few consultants worldwide certified in Classical Feng Shui and well-versed in this ancient science.

Through skills and closely-guarded secrets learned directly from world-renowned Chinese Masters, Master Ooi offers clients unprecedented results.

Malaysia Born, Master Ooi Wai Loon received his first Feng Shui exposure from his

father at the tender age of 12. He has a knack for analyzing real properties and their surroundings based on principles of Classical Feng Shui, and create the most prosperous and harmonious living and business environments for his clients.

He has provided effective Feng Shui solutions to a varied clientele including international brand like Starbucks Coffee Singapore, Fraser Hospitality, CIMB Bank, and Unilever. His consultancy business covers up to 20 countries from people of all level.

His expertise and no-nonsense approach, coupled with professionalism, have gained him an international reputation as a Feng Shui Master that achieves results in this highly specialized ancient field of study.

Business Networking Club Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya (BNC) takes pleasure in inviting you and your guest to the FEBRUARY Month Networking & Dinner Talk. For the information of our guests, members of BNC are all active business owners, senior managers (decision makers) and professionals. The club creates networking platform for members and guests to network, interact and to create business opportunities.

We do our best to make the contents more exciting with the  EXTRA “FOOD FOR THOUGHTS”, to broaden our knowledge as business people, complementing the main menu for the evening.


“Banking and Your Business”
by Paul Liang

Synopsis of Talk
As your business grows, so are your banking needs.  Let’s face it, there are more banking products today than yesteryears due to changing government policies and trade environment, as well as advancement in technologies.  If you have not been talking to your banker for a while, this will be time for you to sit down and let me run you through a series of new and conventional products which you may or may not have heard of.  Amongst them are:- SME Loan, Bank Guarantee, Clean Loan, Payrolls Services, Corporate Credit Card, GST & Payment Software and Mobile Payment Solution (iOS & Android).

Whether you are a seasonal business person or new entrepreneur, you are assured of an informative and content packed session of the latest banking offerings and solutions, allowing you to better prepare for this economically challenging 2015 as many have predicted.   More importantly, you will get to learn about how to groom your business to be a more “bankable” entity.

Profile of Paul Liang
Paul is CIMB Bank’s SME Regional Managerwho started his career in the financial sector in Malaysia after his return from the UK 13 years ago.

He holds an Honours degree in Accounting and Finance awarded by University of North London, and acquired his professional experience in the UK for a few years prior to his return to the country.

Paul has been attached to CIMB Bank Bhd for 8 years and specialises in SME segment.