2014 Events & Activities


“Retire Active by Generating Living Cash Using Equities”
by Eddie See

Synopsis of Talk
Retirement is inevitable, not an option.  The cross-road is marked with uncertainty, perhaps scary too!

The question comes to mind, “Is there a practical way for would-be retirees to retire with a reasonable living income and peace of mind?”

What is the option you will consider amongst so many other options to retire comfortably?  Of course, if you have planned way back, you are the lucky one.  But not everyone is so lucky.  However, it is still not too late to consider and master one specific practical option, a proprietary system called the KNOCK ANALYSIS MODEL, provided that you have some cash savings stashed away for this purpose.

In this 1.5 hour talk, Eddie See will attempt to rationalize why financial investments could be an option for your retirement, the risks involved compared to starting a new business due to current business boredom or if you have been an employee, and what are the probabilities for newbies to succeed in equity investment.

Is moving to the final ultimate Cash Flow Quadrant of life called INVESTING be something one can really be able and want to do?

Come listen and find out if this is for you.

Speaker Profile
A retiree, a social worker and an actual Practitioner in Equity Investment, Eddie See now lives solely dependent on Passive Income from Investing in Equities in the Bursa KL, Malaysia market.

Before his retirement in May 2013, Eddie had served in the Asset Management and Financial Industry since 1991, assuming the capacity of Finance and Admin Manager for some local and a Singapore IT company.

Eddie started his interest in investments when he was tasked to generating and analyzing risk management indicators to prepare for the Singapore company’s IPO.   By closely examining and reporting 13 risk indicators, the exercise had not only allowed the IPO company to successfully meet the stringent requirements of the Singapore IPO Regulator, it had also given Eddie a perfect opportunity to broaden his perspective about corporate governance, laying down the foundation for his later equity analysis and research works and risk managed stock picks that yielded reasonable returns for living income.

During his free time, Eddie volunteers with NGO works.  He assists Tindak Malaysia in Geo-referencing works (previously PACABA), and collaborates with UKM, MPKJ and Jakoa on uplifting the social-economic factors of the Orang Asli Temuan Community of Kampong Kachau Luar, Semenyih.   He has been a member of Business Networking Club KL and PJ since 15 years ago.

Eddie See holds a MBA from the International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak, Selangor.

“The Importance of Behavioral Advice in Financial Planning”
by K. Gunasegaran

Synopsis of Talk
The result of an investment decision is largely dependent on the “Behaviour” or mentality of the investor at the point of making buying or selling decision, rather than the performance of the underlying financial asset he chooses.

One common pitfall encountered by new or even seasoned investors is that they “tend to sell after experiencing a paper loss and start investing only after the market has recovered their value”.  Such investors almost always trapped in a down market and got out when the market recovers and rises.  This phenomenon is proven in a 10-year study that covered market trends and investment results.

The predicament faced by investors who have experienced the above reality, by and large, is attributable to the Money Belief such individuals carried from birth to present.

In this one hour educational talk Gunasegaran is going to share some of the proven methods behavioral psychologist uses in behavior modification and the techniques he uses to explore the Money Belief of his clients, including deep drill down on one-on-one counselling and coaching with a proven process of psychological evaluation that enable him and his clients to identify personality traits that signal a major drawback in a way his clients see money and wealth.  The process will manifest his clients’ strengths and weaknesses in making investing decisions, allowing them to explore the possibilities and alternatives to overcome such weaknesses as it requires KNOWING and DOING to change a behavior.

Speaker Profile
Gunasegaran commenced his financial advisory career in the Life Insurance Industry with Prudential Malaysia in 1994.  Over the years, he has accumulated vast experience in Financial Protection Planning and that makes him an expert in the area of Personal Financial Life Planning.

He is a Certified Behavioral Advisor (USA), the first person in Asia to be accorded with such status, and a Certified Money Achiever (USA), the first in Malaysia.  He received both certificates in 2011.  In his financial planning advisory services, he has incorporated the well-researched and proven behavioral investing methodologies to guide his clients to significantly increase their self-awareness related to making financial decision and raise their investing games to levels they would not have been able to achieve if acted alone.

He also featured in BFM radio talk shows in numerous occasions, extending his expert opinions on subjects regarding Investor Behavior, Investor Psychology, Financial Planning, Insurance, and Property to the general public.  He is also a regular speaker for the financial planning fraternity, involving in creating public awareness and educational talks related to Financial and Investment Planning.  His wrote articles for The Star newspaper, such as “Financial Plan Based on Values” and “Dynamics of Wealth Building”, to name a few.

Gunasegaran is the Vice President of Education for Malaysian Financial Planning Advisor Association.  He holds the following qualifications:

  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), USA
    Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) from Malaysian Insurance Institute incollaboration with American College of USA
  • Registered Financial Planner (RFP) from the Malaysian Financial PlanningCouncil (MFPC)
  • Chartered Investment Financial Practioner from the SC (ChIFP)
  • Certified Behavioral Advisor, USA
  • Certified Money Coach, USA

“How eBooks can be Synergistic to Your Business & Help Growing IT”
by Happy Sam

Synopsis of talk
Having a strong presence and well-known brand name, along with having important customers’ database such as name, mobile numbers, email address are but some of the key success factors for most businesses, especially those offering products and services to the masses.

Businesses know, customers’ database is King, especially customers who have voluntarily surrendered such information that enable businesses to implement Permission Marketing.

Ebook, as strange as it may sound, is a tool that can help your business to achieve just that. Having said that, not all ebook platforms are created equally, as not all ebook platform developers have the technical expertise, let alone interest and passion, to create an ebook platform to compliment and mind other people’s businesses.

In this one-hour ebook educational workshop, Happy Sam will showcase you the World’s first eBook Platform that has incorporated a powerful yet little understood SMS database capturing tool he and his team painstakingly created.  The ebook platform provides a turnkey solution to its users, almost instantly upon activation.  This ebook business platform is not only able to operate as a standalone business, it does wonder to help grow your business!

Speaker Profile
Happy Sam is the CEO of Global Surf Sdn Bhd and the founder of World Digital Biz Sdn Bhd, two sister companies specialising in various Corporate SMS System, DIY Website, eBook Business Platform and other digital entrepreneur platforms

Happy Sam is a computer science graduate from Deakin University Australia.  Freshly out from school, Happy worked for Hitachi Electronic Devices Ptd Ltd in Singapore as Software Engineer before returning to Malaysia to start his own business.

Throughout his career as an Entrepreneur, Happy has discovered a unique philosophy that is applicable in nearly all businesses and works all the times, i.e, Consumers want Simple Solution and they want it Fast!

It is with this philosophy, along with Happy’s extensive experiences in mobile computing technologies, comes various SMS and DIY Website solutions that Happy has created over the years to serve both corporates and individuals who are looking for simple and effective solutions in the area of their needs.  World Digital Biz eBook Platform is the latest Happy’s invention culminating his many years of experiences in digital e-solution that carry the same SIMPLICITY trait.

“Overview of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
by Nahanthiran S

Synopsis of talk
An effective organization is driven by individual strengths. Unfortunately, with common distractions, conflicting priorities, unclear objectives, poor communication, and lack of trust, it’s easy to burn out and lose focus. To be effective is to lead a balanced life-both at personal and professional. A successful person need not be an effective person but an effective person can be a successful person.

7 habits Solutions Help Employees apply timeless principles of effectiveness through the following:-

1. Individuals learn how to take initiative.
2. Individuals develop a mission, vision, and values within their organization.
3. Individuals learn how to balance key priorities.
4. Individuals improve interpersonal communication.
5. Individuals learn how to leverage creative collaboration.
6. Individuals apply principles for achieving a balanced life.

Speaker Profile
Mr. Nahanthiran is the Operations cum HR Manager of Leadership Resources Sdn Bhd, a Premier Training Company and a licensee of Franklin Covey USA. In his tenure with this company, he had the privilege to be seconded to head its branch in Mumbai and Bangalore India for over 4 years organising corporate trainings for major clients in India. At the same time was also trained as a trainer for Character Building. He has been conducting a number of programs ever since. His exposure in the Seven Habits has been for more than 15 years and is a strong believer in its philosophy. He is a living example to testify the transformation of 7 Habits to one’s lifestyle.

Mr. Nahanthiran has also a vast experience working for the government in the finance department where he has been involved in internal audit and conducting training in the financial and accounting procedures to staff.

Though his core is in the finance and accounting he is a man of multitask who loves challenges and he has a passion for training. He has the expertise to conduct motivational programs, induction programs and has also been certified as a trainer in the Persona Solution Inc. for Persuasive Communicator. He has conducted several motivational talks in schools for teachers and students and also conducted public programs for Teens apart from In-house programs for SME companies. He has also been invited as a speaker for Language teachers in WP on Character building organized by Jabatan Pendidikan Wilayah Persekutuan.

He is also the founder of the RACE Training program which is a sought after program by bosses who want a work culture that is dedicated towards achieving the company goal while wanting to keep their job for long term.

He tertiary education is in Accounting & Finance and has also completed a diploma program in rubber technology. He is also an active committee member in various associations such as Business Network Club of Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya MARA retirees Association, Koperasi Pesara MARA and the Resident Association.


Post Dinner Talk Summary

7 Habits Of Highly effective People®

At the personal level, 7Habits helps in the following:

  • Develop increased maturity, greater productivity, and the ability to manage one’s self
  • Execute critical priorities with laser-like focus and careful planning

At team Level it helps:

  • Increase team engagement, morale, and collaboration.
  • Improve communication skills and strengthen relationships.

At Organizational Level:

  • Create a framework for developing core values and creating a highly effective culture.
  • Develop current and high-potential leaders who model both character and competencies.

The 7 Habits helps to move a person from a dependence level to a Independence level by working on the habit of choice,  vision and  integrity & execution. These people are those who are able to make their own choices and take responsibility for the jobs they do. Bosses will be free from micromanaging these people and they can work with minimum supervision. They are also trustworthy.

Effectiveness does not stop here. People need to move higher to the interdependence level by working on the habit of Mutual Benefit, Mutual Understanding and Creative Coorperation. Having mastered these, people would be able to excel in team work, communications and making every meetings  meaningful.

All the 7Habits are based on Principles of Natural Law  which is timeless and everlasting.

Courtesy of Nahanthiran.S
Chairperson – Education &Training.

BNC 2014 Business/Pleasure Trip to Manila, Tagaytay, Taal Lake & Caldera, Philippines
July 25-29, 2014


“A Shocking Way to Beat Diabetes”
by Dato Dr. Rajen. M

Synopsis of talk:  The experts are wrong!
So wrong that diabetes (and heart disease as well as obesity) are growing the world over. Here in Malaysia, diabetes hits 1 in 6 of us and heart disease kills 1 in 5 of with a heat attack recorded every 21 minutes and more than half ending in death. As far as obesity is concerned, we are truly “Malaysia Boleh” – now the fattest nation in ASEAN and among the fattest in Asia!

In the one hour seminar, you will hear the shocking truth backed by facts and principles of nature. WARNING: the way you think about your food or health might change irreversibly forever!!!

Speaker Profile
Datu Dr. Rajen M obtained his Bachelor of Pharmacy from Universiti Sains Malaysia.  He went on to a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland.  He also holds a Doctorate in Holistic Medicine from University of LaSalle, Louisiana, USA.

Dato Dr. Rajen. M is the founder and CEO of Holista Colltech Ltd a biotech company listed in Australian Stock Exchange focusing in the natural products biotechnology space. He writes the Health Column in the Sunday Times. He used to write in The Star previous to this.

Dato Dr. Rajen. M used to lecture in alternative medicine in Universiti Malaya, Univesiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and International Medical University. He is also the Managing Editor of the Journal of Tropical Medicinal Plants – the only journal in the world that focuses on medicinal plants from the tropics. He has been active in the industry and was actually a member of the Ministry of Health’s Standing Committee in Traditional Medicine. He has also served as Organizing Chairman of the three series of the Woman’s Health And Asian Traditional Medicine (WHAT Medicine).

“China in those days” – A unique & Entertaining Dinner Presentation
by Mr Thomas Brandt

Thomas Brandt, is the General Manager of the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and he has extensive experience in Asia, having previously worked at the Indonesian-German Chamber of Commerce in Jakarta. Thomas Brandt holds an economics degree from the University of Hamburg.

Thomas Brandt is an author of five books, three of them having achieved bestseller status: “Business in Indonesia – The Cultural Key to Success”, “Asia in Those Days” and the recent “China in Those Days”.

A truly outstanding masterpiece! Thomas Brandt successfully portrays China of the late 19th and early 20th century, an era one needs to embrace in order to understand today’s China

The event will give you a unique insight into the forces that moved so many Chinese to emigrate and the lasting impact that this migration have had on the world in general and in particular on Asia over the last 5 centuries. This provides great insight both for Chinese to learn more about the shared ancestry as well as for anyone with interest in the forces that have shaped the world we live in today; not the least here in Malaysia.

Business Networking Club Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya (BNC) takes pleasure in inviting you and your guest to the JUNE Month Networking & Dinner Talk. For the information of our guests, members of BNC are all active business owners, senior managers (decision makers) and professionals. The club creates networking platform for members and guests to network, interact and to create business opportunities.

We do our best to make the contents more exciting with the EXTRA “FOOD FOR THOUGHTS”, to broaden our knowledge as business people, complementing the main menu for the evening.

Members, I am sure you do not want to miss out on this talk by a very experienced speaker. Guests are invited. Please send this mail to your friends and extend our networking reach to more business people. Book your seats early so as to avoid any disappointment.